How John Earns $908,292.11 Every Month

super affiliate system

You’ve probably watched those so-called super affiliates with envy, haven’t you? Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone started somewhere, and they all looked on with wide-eyed wonder as a select few individuals seemed to pull money out of thin air.

But is it really that difficult?

No! Honestly, it’s not some kind of voodoo magic. Absolutely anyone can pull in the kind of sales super affiliates do. You just need to know the tricks!

Here’s the thing… those super affiliates will often tell you to just put up some links online and that the products really “sell themselves”. Nope.That’s total bull. The fact is, only a very few products sell themselves. The rest need serious help!


Because most vendors are totally lame. Like, to the max, dude. They may have the greatest product ever made, and they may have poured their heart and soul, and tons of money, into its development. It may have even taken them months or years!

But they fell so in love with their product that they believed everyone in the world could see its value just like they do, so they slapped up any old sales page and figure it would work.

Then they went out and tried to recruit some affiliates to sell it for them, figuring it would sell itself because it’s just such an awesome product.


The prospect can’t see the quality of the product until after they’ve bought it! So it doesn’t matter how good that product is if the sales page doesn’t sell it!

Here are a few of the most common factors that cause problems on sales pages:

· Low Response Sales Copy – It just doesn’t excite people. It doesn’t push any emotional buttons. It’s just blah.
· Sloppy Page Design – This makes people fear the quality of the product and also makes them worry about scams. A professional design puts people at ease.
· A Sales Page Leak – If the sales page links to a bunch of stuff that won’t make you any money, it’s costing you sales! It shouldn’t have ads on it. It shouldn’t link to Facebook or Twitter. It shouldn’t link to
the vendor’s blog. It should have critical links only!
· Commission Hijacking – Sometimes the vendor is just plain shady. He might have multiple payment links on the page, but only one gives you commission. The other gives him the direct sale. (It could
be accidental, but it still costs you money!)

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how to make money

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